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H-1B Reform

Congress voted to bring in 600,000 (additional)foreign workers to replace U.S. Engineers, programmers, nurses, etc.
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Quote from an article in the Indianapolis Star.
Indiana's immigrants offset 'brain drain'
Published: Friday, July 14, 2000 in THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR

"Foreign universities have staked their futures on high-tech education," said Tuchman, who has worked with immigrants from Bangalore and other technical institutes. "Those kids have more discipline and experience than many of the young kids coming out of American universities."

Some facts about the h-1b program

1) Congress has just voted to allow 600,000 more foreign workers to come and replace American workers

2)Fritz Holling SC was the only Senator to vote against the increase of h-1b's

3) a 1998 poll showed that over 90% of Americans were against an increase in the number of h-1b visas
Of course Congress ignored the will of the people

4) A recent study by the IT workforce data project concluded that over the past fifty years "There is no evidence that any serious shortages of technical professionals -- engineers in the past, information technology specialists now -- have ever occured"

5) The computer industry has pumped over twenty seven million into federal campaigns.

6) Orrin Hatch and Spencer Abraham sponsers of the bill in the Senate have received over $1 million in high-tech campaign contributions each.

7) Chairmen of House and Senate campaign committes have received letters explicity warning that tech companies will not support legislators who dawdle on h-1b legislation.

8) Tom Davis who chairs a GOP campaign committe acknowledged " This is not a popular bill with the public. It's popular with the CEO's who give the money."

9)Congress has currently allowed close to one half million foreign replacement workers into the U.S. already, not including the new 600,000, to take normally high paying (mostly technical) jobs that could be filled by U.S. workers who are either unemployed or under-employed. That number represents almost one third of all computer programmers.

10)The benefits to the U.S. tech firms are numerous. First the h-1b workers generally are paid much lower wages then U.S. workers, they cannot ask for a raise during there six year tenure, they cannot leave to go to another employer, they cannot complain and most are not paid benefits. The U.S. firms have the ultimate employee in their eyes.

11) The unemployment rate for programmer over the age of 40 is 17%, not including those who have found other jobs not paying as well.

Replacing U.S. workers and new graduates with cheap foreign labor is ultimately going to hurt the U.S. advantage in technology. Hi-tech firms short-sighted concerns for high profit returns will ultimately give the technical advantage to other countries while leaving U.S. workers in their wake.

What can you do?

Call or write your representative and Senators

Vote - Let congress know that it was the voters who put them in office and we can take them out

Write Letters to the editor of your local paper

Sign & ditribute a petition (see Hall of Shame on Favorite Links page

Let congress know how you feel, ask your representative how they intend to vote on the issue. The members of Congress listed below are either sponsors or co-sponsors of bills to increase the h-1b limits. There are many others who are in favor of increasing the numbers, but are not listed here, so please contact your representative and let them know how you feel. Please vote against those supporting this if they are up for re-election.

Two recent articles: (from Norm Matloff newsletter)are on the Whats New page

Below are the House & Senate members who want to increase the number of foreign workers

Presidential candidate: George Bush
Presidential candidate: Al Gore

House members:
Rep Calvert, Ken
Rep Davis, Thomas M.
Rep Dunn, Jennifer
Rep Kolbe, Jim
Rep Largent, Steve
Rep Rogan, James E.
Rep Shays, Christopher

Rep David Wu
Rep Davis, Thomas M.
Rep Ehrlich, Robert L., Jr.
Rep Frost, Martin
Rep Gonzalez, Charles A.
Rep Hooley, Darlene
Rep Payne, Donald M.
Rep Stark, Fortney Pete
Rep Bishop, Sanford D. Jr
Rep jackson-Lee Sheila
Rep Brown, Corrine
Rep Clayton, Eva M.
Rep Clyburn, James E.
Rep Hilliard, Earl F.
Rep Smith, Lamar
Rep Johnson, Eddie Bernice
Rep Jones, Stephanie Tubbs
Rep Meek, Carrie P.
Rep Thompson, Bennie G.
Dashle, T.
Rep Wynn, Albert Russell
Rep Regula, Ralph

Sen John McCain
Sen Phil Graham
Sen Abraham, Spencer
Sen Ashcroft, John
Sen Brownback, Sam
Sen Lott, Trent
Sen McConnell, Mitch
Sen Orrin Hatch
Sen Abraham, Spencer
Sen Ashcroft, John
Sen Bennett, Robert F.
Sen Brownback, Sam
Sen DeWine, Michael
Sen Feinstein, Dianne
Sen Gorton, Slade
Sen Graham, Bob
Sen Gramm, Phil
Sen Grams, Rod
Sen Hagel, Chuck
Sen Lieberman, Joseph I.
Sen Lott, Trent
Sen Mack, Connie
Sen McConnell, Mitch
Sen Nickles, Don
Sen Smith, Gordon
Sen Specter, Arlen
Sen Warner, John W.
Sen Voinivich, George

Sen Boxer, Barbara

Sen Ted Kennnedy

Top 20 Companies Employing H-1B Workers

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Send an email
Senate & House member e-mail can be found here
Direct links can be found on the Links page

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